LED Lighting—Why a Brand Matters

The significant cost saving benefits of LED lighting (energy savings, reduced maintenance, etc.) are the driving force behind their growing popularity. Payback and ROI can usually be calculated with such precision that some lenders will finance upgrades based on the anticipated monthly savings. Still, the initial cash outlay to convert a residence, place of business, or public facility to LED technology can be substantial, making your choice of an LED lighting supplier extremely important.

So, how should you choose? And, who can you trust? The internet is loaded with literally thousands of LED lighting suppliers and millions of product choices. ELEDLights has simplified this process by establishing a highly visible web presence and building a brand our customers can count on. Here's how we've done it.

A Solid Foundation for Stability and Success

This isn't the first time we've built a solid, dependable brand. ELEDLights is a subsidiary of Manncorp—an American company that just celebrated its 50th year of service to the electronics industry. Manncorp-brand equipment for printed circuit board assembly is used worldwide in the manufacturing of countless high-tech electronic products, including all types of LED lighting. This connection is what led Manncorp founder and CEO, Henry Mann, to take an interest in LED lighting and establish ELEDLights in 2011. Our background and experience puts ELEDLights in a position that is completely unique among LED lighting suppliers. We know what goes into building a quality product and our affiliation with a solid, well-established enterprise provides a firm foundation, both financially and administratively, for building a reputable brand.

ELEDLights has 18,000 square-foot offices, testing, showroom, and warehousing facilities on both the East and West Coasts—one in San Diego and the other in suburban Philadelphia. Most products are inventoried at both facilities and will ship same-day.

High-Quality, Reliable Product All the Way to Your Doorstep

From a technical standpoint, the ELEDLights team includes engineers and industry experts with decades of experience in electronic assembly and manufacturing techniques. Working hand-in-hand with factories around the globe, the team ensures that all products ELEDLights supplies to our customers meet or exceed our criteria for build-quality, performance, and safety. Well before they are offered for sale on our website, all ELEDLights products undergo a full evaluation by our engineers and product specialists. This also includes an appraisal of our packaging methods and materials to make certain your order arrives at your doorstep or dock in perfect condition.

We've Got Your Back

Many online businesses are nothing more than middle-men between you and any number of unknown third parties. What assurances do you have that you are protected in the event of any potential problem with your purchase; be it lost, missing, or incorrect product, shipping damage, product failure, etc. How can you be sure that you or your supplier have the means or ability to correct the issue?

Every ELEDLights product bears its brand, which means it is backed by our own warranties, first-class customer support, and risk-free return policies. Our sales and customer service representatives, located at our East and West Coast offices are always just a phone call away. We have direct-to-person phone numbers that you can call or text, shown on every page of our website—and someone will always answer.

We've gone to great lengths to make virtually everything you need to know about our products available on our website and to make online ordering as easy as possible. Nevertheless, we encourage you to call if you have any questions or if you just feel more comfortable placing your orders by phone. Our product specialists can assist you in selecting the right product(s) for your particular application and can even provide free DIALux simulations to help you plan your project. They can also provide assistance in obtaining utility rebates and financing for your lighting install.

So start reaping the rewards of an LED upgrade. Go to (or call us) and make us your brand of choice for all of your LED lighting needs.