If you're faced with a major lighting upgrade—redoing your entire warehouse, showroom, factory floor, office building, hotel, etc.—you likely feel like you're facing a major expenditure as well, and such an expenditure may move your lighting upgrade down in the list of priorities. After all, new manufacturing equipment allows you to produce more product faster, and additional employees allow you to service more customers more effectively—these sorts of investments feel like investments: you clearly see how you'll get a return on the money you spend.

And while saving money on electricity is nice, you may be asking yourself if it's worth it to spend thousands (or tens of thousands, depending on the size of your project) just to cut your monthly light bill in half.

Today's blog post is going to take the pain out of that investment. We're going to show you how you can buy and install all new, long-life, energy-saving LED lighting for your building or facility without any money up front, without feeling any pain in your budget—and even without the hassle of relying on energy rebates (though if you do use energy rebates, your upgrade will be even more economical).

Here's how it works: Every company—and yours is no different—sets aside money every month to pay their electricity bill. A portion of that electricity bill goes toward lighting costs. If you were able to cut that portion of your electricity bill in half, you would, in all likelihood, have the funds to make a monthly financing payment on new lights and their installation.

If you finance the lights and installation costs with 0% down, it costs you—literally—nothing to upgrade to LED lighting.

And you can easily pay off your LED lighting upgrade, month by month, with the savings you'll see in your electricity bill before those lights come to the end of their useful life, since LED lighting has such a long operating life. (50,000 hours is common, which works out to nearly 6 years if you run your lights 24/7. It's closer to 14 years if you average 10 hours of operation per day.)

Once you've paid off the lights, the savings on your energy bill becomes profit your company gets to keep.

Now, if you're also eligible to take energy rebates (meaning your utility company or state or local government offers them and you purchase DLC qualified LED lights), you actually get paid to install your new lights. But you don't need energy rebates: you can finance your lighting and pay for it entirely out of the money you've already budgeted for utility expenses.

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