How to Choose LED Lighting for Your Facility

LED lighting products are available for every kind of commercial and industrial lighting need, from warehouses to restaurants to factories, hospitality, healthcare, and much more. 

How bright do you need it?
A common misconception about LED lighting—and this probably stems from fluorescent lighting and the introduction of compact fluorescent lights—is that it won’t be as bright as the light you’re used to. In fact, LED lights provide at least as much light output as their equivalent traditional counterparts, despite using (typically) half the power. Brightness for all lighting is measured in “lumens,” which allows easy comparison between different technologies. Learn more about lumens and how different makes of bulbs compare in brightness.

Warm or cold?
LED bulbs and tubes can offer warm or cold white light. Cold white light has a higher lumen rating, so it’s a brighter light, and well suited to high tech stores, showrooms, conference rooms, offices, labs, kitchens, educational facilities, and more. Warm white has a more intimate, quieter, richer feel—it’s excellent for restaurants, hotel lobbies and guestrooms, waiting rooms, clothing stores, and more.

Make sure they live up to their promise
The LEDs in an LED lamp aren’t what typically fail. The driver, a very small circuit board that controls the current, is the more delicate part. Low-quality components, improper heat management, and failure to secure the driver within the lamp increase the risk of early failure. You’re not saving money if the lamps you got a great deal on need to be replaced in just a year or two.

When selecting an LED supplier, look for a strong warranty. You can also tell a lot about the quality and reliability of the supplier by the care they take in packaging their product for shipping. 

LED lights aging test
Aging Test