Gymnasium's Electric Bill Drops $3,000 after Switching from HIDs to UFO LED High Bays

Matthew Drennon, Assistant Director of Maintenance & Facility Operations at Union WELL Inc. in Sacramento California, recently reached out to ELEDLights for assistance on a new project: converting a high school gymnasium from 400W HID lighting to LED. In total, he replaced 55 HID fixtures rated at 400W with our 120W Ultra-High Lumen UFO LED High Bays.

"It was a great investment," Drennon says. "The lights no longer have warm-up time, and they have a constant even color temperature." But that's not all.

LED lighting is not only significantly brighter; it typically uses at least 50% less energy than traditional HID fixtures. Drennon can attest to this energy savings; his organization saved $3,000 on their most recent energy bill after converting to LED lighting.

"I work for a non-profit organization that oversees the recreation facility at Sacramento State known as The Well. We have an increasing attendance that is driving our usage of all utilities up: water, sewage, but our electricity bill has dipped to cost of fiscal year 12/13," Drennon told us. "Typically, we see an increase from the March to April billing cycle of about $1,500 over the last five years. Last year after implementation from March to April we saw a decrease of $3,000. Even with significant growth in attendance, our bill has remained about $1k less per month since then, compared to the previous year."

High-power, high-quality LED lights like our Ultra High Lumen LED High Bays generate the brightest light at the lowest wattage, which results in the largest possible energy and cost savings. 

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