Revamping Elkins Park Presbyterian Church with LED Tube Lights and Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Jim Acker, a devoted member of Elkins Park Presbyterian Church, recently undertook a mission to help his church’s energy use become more environmentally conscious and cost-effective. This led him to acquire a range of LED lighting products, including high-quality LED tube lights and outdoor LED flood lights, all sourced from ELEDLights.

Going Green with LED Tube Lights and Flood Lights

Jim's commitment to sustainability drove him to approach Elkins Park Presbyterian Church with a generous offer: To upgrade the lighting both inside and outside the church himself as a donation. He shares his experience:

"I recently asked Elkins Park Presbyterian Church if I could donate the materials and time to help the Church go GREEN (and save on their electric bill). They graciously accepted, and my search was on to put LEDs everywhere on the Church property. I found ELEDLights, and since they were so close (in PA), I gave them a shot."


Effortless LED Installation and Remarkable Brightness

The installation process proved to be swift and uncomplicated, ensuring minimal disruption to the church's activities. What truly impressed Jim was the exceptional brightness of the LED lights he acquired for the church. The LED tube lights, in particular, provided a remarkable level of illumination, making a noticeable difference throughout the church offices.

Jim elaborated on the impact of these LEDs: "The LED tubes are so bright; the Church secretary jokingly says she may need sunscreen and sunglasses to perform her duties. In truth, she's just so happy that she can finally see better in the office."

elkins 2 elkins 3

Enhancing Energy Efficiency with LED Flood Lights

In addition to the LED tube lights, Jim also installed powerful LED flood lights from ELEDLights. These floodlights significantly improved visibility and security on the church property, particularly during evening activities such as choir practices.

Jim highlighted some of the benefits experienced by the congregation: "The folks that run the Child Care facility are so happy with the LED lighting because not only is it brighter, but there is also no buzzing coming from the lights! The choir is very happy too, as they practice at night and are elated to see the parking lot lit up 100% better with the LED flood lights."

elkins comparison

Expressing Gratitude and Encouraging Transitions to LED

In conclusion, Jim's dedication to making Elkins Park Presbyterian Church an eco-friendly and cost- effective place of worship has been a resounding success! We extend our heartfelt thanks to Jim for his generosity towards his church and for choosing ELEDLights as his lighting partner.

Whether you are seeking high-quality LED tube lights, LED flood lights, or other lighting options, ELEDLights is your trusted source for both indoors and outdoors. To make the switch to LED lights for a greener, brighter future, reach out to our team; we’re here to find the perfect LED lighting solutions tailored to your needs.