ELEDLights Makes an IFA Appearance
Recently, the staff at ELEDLights lit up the IFA Convention in Las Vegas. At ELEDLights, we’ve always been glad to help our customers plan out the ideal lighting layouts for any location. Helping franchisors and franchisees solve the unique problems that affect their businesses has long been one of our priorities. With that in mind, we sent some of our best and brightest to the 2019 IFA Convention to make sure franchise owners across the country were aware of the ways we could help them get the lighting that their locations deserved.

In addition to a kiosk demonstrating some of our lighting simulations and complimentary design services, our team at the IFA show also brought along a troffer and some of our magnetic strip retrofit kits. In just minutes, any franchise location can switch from fluorescent bulbs to energy-friendly magnetic strips in the same troffers they already have in place. Our goal was to make sure people realized how painless the LED conversion process could be.

Bright Futures for Franchises
If you’ve just bought a new franchise location or you’re an owner and looking to expand, you’ve already got quite a bit on your mind. With all of the great people we met at the IFA show, we’ve learned that whatever we can do to take some of the hassle out of the opening and upgrading process can only be positive. That’s why we offer an array of dedicated services specifically geared towards franchises and making the lives of those who own them that much easier.

As we continue to build out our work with franchises, we want to ensure that every business we partner with is well taken care of. To that end, we’re happy to construct a franchise plan page that you can use to set baseline standards for new locations or new franchisees that are just getting started. Check out our dedicated franchise page for one such example.

One of the best ways to cut down on your energy costs is by converting to LED lighting. If you’re looking to outfit a new location or retrofit an old one, you know that our team of lighting designers and project engineers have your back. Give us a call for an assessment of your lighting needs.