Jim Cambridge recently purchased and installed our dimmable 4FT Magnetic LED Strips with a frosted lens in his garage.

Jim went from his everyday dull setting to an intense, bright, cleaner look. He gratefully emailed us his thoughts on the new products:

"I started thinking how dark the back half of my garage is. So, I thought, lets strip it! I couldn't be happier. The light is controlled by the built in light function of the garage door opener using a plugin adapter at the light socket. Again, very easy to implement. What I loved was that the light strips attach magnetically to the metal strips in the drywall, no drilling."

Jim was very impressed how quick and easy the installation process was. "It took 10 minutes, no drilling, simple plugin. Love it."

Due to their easy installation process, LED strip lights may be placed closer or farther apart within the fixture, giving you more control over your lighting compared to tubes.

LED magnetic strips can be extremely useful, since they easily adhere to any magnetic surface: file cabinets, work benches, shelving, and much more. The strips have a high luminous efficiency of 112.5 lumens per watt. This particular product produces a whopping 4,500 lumens of light from only 40 watts! This retrofit kit also offers 50,000 operating hours, and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

ELEDLights.com offers a huge range of energy-efficient LED lighting with numerous styles. For more information about Magnetic Strips, click here.