Glenn McGinnis of Talon Brands LLC, recently flush-mounted four of our 2 foot x 2 foot dimmable LED panels to the ceiling of his home.

"We recently bought a new home and everything in it was CFL lights.  I have come to realize that I don't like living in a house filled with mercury vapor time bombs everywhere, waiting for a light to decide when it is ready to come up to full intensity after I turn it on," Glenn said.

Looking for an affordable and practical solution to upgrading the lighting in his new home, Glenn decided LED panels were the way to go.

"Our new home was too dark and my wife always liked a 2x2 LED panel I installed in our last home over 7 years ago," says Glenn.  He purchased four panels from ELEDLights and adds, "They are so far beyond what was available 7 years ago. Two went into my garage/workshop and two in the entrance hall and kitchen entrance."  He describes them as giving the effect of "skylights" during the day, and providing a "wonderful night light" in the evening.

McGinnis is somewhat secretive about his clever mounting technique. "We took on the challenge of mounting 2 of them flush against the ceiling without spending any attic time, but it can be done and the results are exactly what we wanted," he concludes.

The DLC listed LED panels he purchased offer 4,000 lumens using just 40W of power and provide 40% more lumens than traditional two-tube LED light fixtures. Free of flicker, buzz and dark spots, these panels are sure to impress.