Converting Your High Bay Fluorescents to LED Just Got Super Easy

Convert high bay fluorescent fixtures to LED

Introducing the world’s easiest-to-install linear high bay retrofit

Up till now, converting your facility’s high bay fluorescent fixtures to LED meant juggling a lot of lamps and wiring a lot of lampholders. Or maybe you’ve considered retrofit strip kits—less wiring, still a lot of pieces to juggle. And because both of these solutions install inside the fixture housing, their output is affected by the peculiarities of the fixture and its reflector.

Our new LED Retrofits for Fluorescent High Bays change all that.

Rapid, One-Person Installation

With our innovative modular solution, you:

  1. Hang the lightweight LED retrofit panel on a mounting bracket installed on your fixture housing, freeing up your hands
  2. Connect the LED driver to power
  3. Swing the LED panel up into place & secure it with self-tapping screws
  4. Move onto the next fixture!

Guaranteed Optical Performance

Our LED Retrofit for Fluorescent High Bays not only streamlines installation; it guarantees the lighting results we promise in the specs.

  1. Because the panel is installed under your fixture, instead of inside it as tubes are, none of the light is lost up into the fixture, as it is with tubes or strip kits.
  2. Light output is likewise completely unaffected by fixture or reflector design.

The lumens listed for the light are the lumens you get after installation, every time, on every fixture!

6-lamp T5HO fixture is 324 total Watts

6-lamp T5HO fixture before LED retrofit

LED retrofit panel—same brilliance, just 164 Watts

6-lamp T5HO fixture after LED retrofit

Compatible with All Common 4-Foot High Bay Fixtures

LED Retrofit for Fluorescent High Bays can be installed on virtually any 4-foot T5, T5HO, T8, T8HO, T12, or T12HO fixture. It’s available in three output levels to retrofit all of the most common linear high bay fluorescent fixtures:

Retrofit Model Linear High Bay Fixture Compatibility
Medium Output (MO) 3- or 4-lamp T5 or T5HO
6- or 8-lamp T8, T8HO, T12, T12HO
High Output (HO) 6-lamp T5 or T5HO
10-lamp T8, T8HO, T12, T12HO
Very High Output (VHO) 8-lamp T5 or T5HO
12-lamp T8, T8HO, T12, T12HO

American Ingenuity & Manufacturing

The LED Retrofit for Fluorescent High Bays line is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. It’s Buy American Compliant for easy procurement in government, green building, and other projects. It also meets the increased efficacy required for DLC Premium listing, allowing you to save on your upgrade through utility-offered energy-efficiency rebates.

Big Savings on Operating Costs

With luminous efficiency of 150 lm/W, you’d cut your annual lighting costs by 50% or more by installing these kits on your existing fixtures. Depending on how many lamps you’re running, that could be thousands of dollars. But it’s not just the lighting costs you’ll save—these LED high bay retrofits have an average operating life of 70,000 hours.

That’s a 250% increase over fluorescent high bay lamps.

If you leave your fixtures as they are, your maintenance personnel can expect to go up on scaffolds to replace each of the fluorescent tubes in your fixtures three and a half times over the same rated life of our LED retrofit module—and all along, you’ll be spending twice as much as you need to on electricity.

Now, with the world’s easiest-to-install linear high bay retrofit, you don’t need to. Start the switch today.