Nick Herman, Plant Supervisor at Legacy Flexo in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is beyond thrilled with his recent experience with ELEDLights.

"ELEDLights is hands down the best LED business on the market today. I'm in the flexographic printing industry and we wanted color correct bulbs. After having several salesmen come through the door and try to sell me average bulbs, I decided to look online. I was seeking the brightest bulbs on the market and that's when I came into contact with Jeff Mann, Salesman at ELEDLights."

Because Legacy Flexo is a high quality flexographic printing service, color correctness and brightness are crucial in their industry. Legacy Flexo currently has 4 printing presses which have an extensive range of capabilities. These flexographic presses can print on paper, film and nonwovens up to 75 inches wide and 50 inches long, in 10 different colors.

"After speaking with Jeff over a month I knew that ELEDLights wasn't just an internet site trying to sell me junk. I emailed him over 50 times, and not once did I feel like he was just trying to sell me something. He was very detailed about all my lighting options."

Herman purchased over 2,000 4FT High Lumen DLC LED Tubes to retrofit Legacy Flexo's entire facility to LEDs. 6-tube fluorescent fixtures that hang from the facilities 25-foot ceiling only needed 4 LED tubes per fixture, but were retrofitted with 6 LED tubes each to maximize brightness.

The clear tubes with crisp 5000K cold white light have provided a dramatic improvement in brightness and color correctness.  In addition, they've given the facility a whole new, high-tech appearance to match Legacy Flexo's state-of-the-art equipment and technology. "Everyone that walks through our building is shocked by how bright the bulbs are," Herman adds.