Chevron Glows After Installing LED Canopy Lights

Sweetwater Chevron, located in San Diego near our West Coast office, was experiencing flickering and burnt out metal halide lights in the canopy over the gas pumps, which resulted in a poorly lit property, not to mention a poor experience for customers fueling their cars after dark.

We recommended our 240W Gas Station LED Canopy Lights to Fawaz, the owner of Chevron. He replaced all eighteen of the existing metal halides with eighteen of our gas station canopy light fixtures.

"The lights are amazing!" says Fawaz. "Thanks for the great investment! I am very happy." 

Since the Canopy Lights are super effective and bright, the extra lighting wasn't needed., and Fawaz ended up "delamping"—he removed the now-unnecessary tubes that lined the top of the station and saved himself even more money on energy business. 

His return on investment is only sixteen months. Every year after that, he will save roughly $3,400 in energy costs.

Our outdoor LED canopy lights can make your business stand out. Their extremely thin and low-profile design is ideal for gas stations, drive-thrus, and any other height restriction applications. This light emits 35,520 lumens at 148 lumens per watt!

Make your business "lit" by visiting our website—and don't miss the before & after Chevron photos in the image gallery below!