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Magentic LED strip lights installed in a fluorescent trofferELEDLights's newest product, Magnetic LED Strip Light Upgrade Kits, is the fastest, easiest way to upgrade your existing fluorescent tube light fixtures. These strips eliminate the need for screws, hardware, or rewiring the ballast to the fixture's tombstone socket.

How They Work

Each upgrade kit contains two strip lights and a driver. Each of these pieces has a magnetic backing that attaches securely, without tools, to the inside of your fluorescent troffer or fixture. The light strips quick-connect to the driver, and the driver gets wired directly into your mains—only two simple connections need to be made.

Where They Work

LED Magnetic Strip Lights and DriverThe kits are available for 2-foot, 4-foot, and 8-foot fixtures. The 2-foot kit can be used in a standard or U-shape fixture. Both the 2-foot and 4-foot kits are available in standard or high lumen versions, allowing you to not only save money on energy costs but get brighter light out of your existing fixtures. But magnetic light strips aren't limited to replacing fluorescent tubes. You can mount these strips on any metal surface. You can even create a metal surface to mount them to by attaching metal strips (2" x the length of your strip) anywhere you need light: under cabinets, along the underside of ceiling joists, behind interior soffits, and more. The strips are extremely low profile, making them a great solution for basements with low ceilings and other space-limited applications. Magentic LED strip lights are available for pre-order on The first shipment will be ready in March (2016)—order now to get in on that first shipment!