Amish Marketplace Shines After Upgrading Drop Ceiling Lights to LED

The Kauffman Family Marketplace, is a small family-owned business located about 45 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, P.A. The marketplace sells PA Dutch-style bulk foods and groceries as well as lawn furniture and children's swing sets.

Back in November, Perry Beachy purchased an ELEDLights troffer upgrade kit to convert the fluorescent troffer lights in the marketplace's drop ceiling to LED lighting. Beachy recently installed the LED lighting kits in the marketplace's drop ceilings and is very happy with the lighting improvement.

Beachy's family is thrilled with the outcome and new look of their market.

"I've installed all the LED Troffer Upgrade Kits we had ordered. We really like the clean lighting effect we are seeing. The contrast is especially startling with some of the older lighting in the other parts of the store providing a contrast. Definitely an upgrade on the lighting in our store. The labels are easier to see and everything looks nicer. Feels very much like a skylight," Beachy added.

In the image gallery at the bottom of this post, you can clearly see the difference between the bright and clean lighting of the new LED lighting upgrades on the right compared to an old fluorescent light on the upper left-hand side of the image.

Learn more about the Kauffman Family Marketplace, or explore your options for converting drop ceiling lighting to LED at your location.