One of our customers, Steve, had an issue where his main light was covered once the garage doors opened, which caused it to be too dark for him to work on his cars at night with the garage doors open.

We gave his problem some thought and realized that by installing our 4 ft High Lumen Magnetic Retrofit Kits on the back of his garage door, he would have light in the garage whether the door was open or closed—the light would simply move with the door. Steve ended up ordering 14 kits and doing just that. Now his garage has plenty of light.

Our magnetic strips can be easily attached to any metal surface requiring no screws or hardware: workbenches, file cabinets, refrigerators, metal shelving, commercial kitchens etc. The total light output is a bright 6,600 lumens (3,300 lumens per strip) and offers 50,000 operating hours. We also offer 2,4, and 8 ft strips in clear or frosted lens.

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