10 Prime Ways ELEDLights Supports Customers

ELEDLights is a full-service lighting partner that stands 100% behind our products while providing customers the tools and services they need to make their lighting projects easy, economical, and successful. Like ‘everything’ stores, we offer easy online purchasing at good prices, but our explicit focus on LED lighting allows us to offer our customers a whole lot more, as you'll see below!

vs. 'Everything' Stores
Commercial-grade, quality-tested lights 'Everything' stores don't screen the quality of the LED lights they sell
Warranty covered by ELEDLIGHTS directly, and we’re easy to contact by phone, email, online warranty form, and live chat! Warranty covered by third party seller may be hard to find
Get answers to lighting & product questions by calling, texting, live chatting, or emailing our ELEDLIGHTS lighting pros If manufacturers or third party sellers can be contacted, it’s often a generic form fill on their site
Free lighting simulations, lighting design, and expert lighting advice available from our lighting designers Not offered
Get best pricing on bulk & special orders, custom controls, light poles & more Usually no way to contact seller with your specific needs
We can find and process every lighting rebate your company qualifies for, allowing you to get your lights at the absolute lowest possible cost Not available
Sales tax charged only to shipments going to PA and CA For orders fulfilled by an 'everything' store, sales tax is generally charged to most orders
Lighting stocked in our USA warehouses and shipped in durable packaging to protect your purchase Where the order ships from depends on the third-party seller's contract with the store
30-day returns with no restocking fee Depends on seller
Free shipping on orders over $499 Depends on seller

One last word in favor of ELEDLights

We've been providing high-energy-efficiency, high reliability LED lighting to businesses, resellers, and lighting consultants since 2012, but our experience goes back more than half a century. ELEDLights spun out of Manncorp, Inc., a company that's been assisting electronics manufacturers around the world with top-rate equipment since 1967. Manncorp began supplying assembly equipment to LED lighting manufacturers nearly a decade ago, and that's where our interest in lighting began. With nearly sixty years of stability behind us—Manncorp has survived and thrived through good economic times and bad—ELEDLights is able to offer our customers the reassurance that we'll still be here when you need us. Can the same be said for the throng of third-party sellers at 'Everything' stores?