UVC Device Locker with Digital Information Kiosk

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Sanitize, secure, and charge mobile devices

This attractive station provides eight PIN-protected chambers for charging and sanitizing mobile devices, plus a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser and a 14" digital screen for displaying video ads, announcements, or any information your business wants to convey to customers or employees.

Charge & Sanitize Devices

Provide safe charging and disinfection for employees, gym and fitness center clients, patients, and more with our attractive, 8-chamber device locker. Each chamber has 3 cables for nearly 100% coverage of mobile devices plus germicidal UVC light for surface sterilization. These chambers safely inactivate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from all surfaces exposed to the germicidal light. Since no chemicals are used in the process, the process is safe for all electronic equipment.

To ensure the security of devices during sanitizing and storage, the locker comes with PIN code technology. To protect users against UVC rays, the chambers use a push-pin technology that prevents activation of UVC light unless the chamber door is fully closed.

Touchless Hand Sanitizing

The side-mounted touchless hand sanitizer dispenser provides convenient access to sanitizer, to help prevent devices from being re-contaminated when they're removed from the chambers.

Digital Information Kiosk

The station's built-in 14" digital screen allows you to display advertisements, company branding, important information, or whatever you wish. Keep employees or customers up to date as they stop to sanitize their hands and devices.

Reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, improve health & safety, and disseminate information quickly and easily by installing these attractive UVC Sanitizing & Charging Lockers at your business locations.

Wavelength254 nm peak
Input Voltage120v
Housing MaterialSteel with matte black & gray finish
Dimensions10" D x 24.5" W x 50" H
Weight55 lbs
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