UV Disinfection

for safe, efficient cleaning

Disinfection with ultraviolet light uses specific wavelengths (not chemicals) to inactivate pathogens. Ultraviolet (UV) light is germicidal, meaning it attacks the DNA structure of a variety of cell types, rendering them inactive. UV light has been used for many years to sterilize medical instruments and clean air conditioner coils.



Meet your daily lighting needs with the added benefit of active air cleaning. Featuring energy-saving LED light source and UVC air disinfection.

Hybrid Light: LED Illumination plus UVC Disinfection

Hybrid LED Light with UVC Air Disinfection

Overhead UVC air purifier built into an energy-efficient, color-temperature-selectable LED light fixture.


Remove pathogens from circulating air. Typically these units contain fully enclosed or safely directed UV-C lamps (254 nm), which makes it possible to run these sanitizers continuously, even while the area being treated is occupied.

Architectural-Grade Upper Room GUV Disinfection System

Architectural-Grade Upper Room GUV Disinfection System

Silent, 24/7 air sanitizing for occupied spaces

Upper Room GUV Disinfection Unit

Upper Room Germicidal UV Disinfection

Continuously treats air as it circulates to the upper part of the room

Wall Mount UV Air Purifier

Germicidal UV Active Circulation Air Cleaner

Treats up to 1,060 cu ft/hour

FDA-Cleared Medical Grade Portable UVC Air Purifier

Medical Grade Portable UVC Air Purifier

Covers 800 sq ft


Install building-wide UVC air disinfection utilizing existing air ducts.

UVC Disinfection for HVAC

UVC Air Disinfection for 24" x 24" HVAC Ducts

For 24" x 24" HVAC duct systems

2-Lamp UVC Disinfection for Air Ducts

UVC Air Duct Disinfection Unit - 2 Lamps

Affordable in-duct UVC disinfection

4-Lamp UVC Disinfection for Air Ducts

UVC Air Duct Disinfection Unit - 4 Lamps

Twice the UV output, for faster-moving air


Used to complete periodic cleanings between uses of a room; must be run during zero occupancy and by a trained attendant in full-body PPE for UV protection.

UVC Germicidal Corn Light for Surface Disinfection

UVC Germicidal Corn Light with Built-In Safety Features

UVC Disinfection Fixture

Germicidal UVC Disinfecting Linear Fixture

Suspend pendant-like or flush mount to ceiling

Handheld UVC Disinfection Light

Commercial Handheld UVC Disinfecting Light


Standard white LED light is blended with UV-A (~365 nm) light to allow safe exposure in occupied spaces for up to 8 hours (at certain power levels). Requires controls.

Unlike UV light, which damages cellular DNA, Visible Light Disinfection (VLD) excites parts of the cell called porphyrins, leading to highly reactive molecules being created.

These molecules (called ROS) then deactivate the cell. Like the name implies, VLD is part of the visible light spectrum (at 405 nm), meaning that humans can see it. The light appears blue-violet in color, and is safe for use in occupied spaces



Safety note: UVC radiation can cause skin burns and eye injuries that may appear hours after exposure has occurred. Avoid direct skin exposure to UVC radiation and never look directly into a UVC light source, even briefly. We recommend ANSI Z87.1-1989 eye/face protection, long pants and sleeves, and disposable nitrile gloves when working with or around exposed UV lamps.

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