Thermal Body Temperature Cameras

for Fast, Non-Invasive Risk Mitigation

Whatever the size and needs of your organization, we have a non-invasive & labor-saving temperature screening solution to help decrease the risk of virus spread.

Maintain social distancing while temperature screening for fevers

"No-Contact" is not enough. Go full social distance with our automated temperature screening tools.

Maximize customer and employee safety and comfort. Prevent loss of revenue.


Tier 2 Systems

Automated temperature checking suited to moderate foot traffic applications, such as bars & restaurants, stores, banks, places of worship, gyms & fitness centers, daycares, hotels, many municipal buildings, small manufacturers & non-retail/non-hospitality businesses with 50+ employees.

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Portable Body Temperature Camera — Model II

Automatic operation mode provides 6ft+ social distancing for personnel. 120x90 thermal resolution.

$899 ea

Tier 3 Systems

Best for high foot traffic applications, such as schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, resorts & casinos, courthouses, police stations, large public libraries, busy cafeterias, megachurches, and businesses with large shifts of workers (factories and plants, warehouses, call centers, etc.)

Rapid, No-Contact Temperature Screening & Facial Recognition

Scan up to 10 people simultaneously, 360 people per minute. Advanced automatic facial detection & recognition, high-accuracy dual lens camera and blackbody calibration box, real-time video recording. Monitor up to 4 entrances with checkpoint add-ons. Integrates with video surveillance & security systems.

$11,999 ea


Show that your business is serious about keeping their employees, customers, and other visitors safer from infection spread by using temperature-taking technology that adheres to—instead of violates—social distancing guidelines.

Infrared forehead thermometers, a solution small businesses often begin considering, require an employee to get up close with everyone who comes through the business's entrance. This isn't safe or comfortable for customers. It's even less so for the employee who has to stop up to hundreds of customers each day to take an up-close reading. With COVID-19 and other viruses spreading through droplets in the air, the more that individuals are asked to violate social distancing, the more at risk everyone is.

Not to mention that it can be difficult for an employee to take a forehead temperature for every person when multiple people enter at once. And having to stop people for a temperature check can put your employee in potential high-conflict situations.

There is a better, safer, smarter way. Our thermal camera setups provide an automated, non-invasive way to take a reading on every person that walks through your entrance—safely, quietly, and without invading anyone's personal space.

Find the best solution for your business below.

Payment and Delivery

Typically units are in stock; depending on demand there may be a week or two delay.

We accept all major credit cards. Leasing may be available for qualified customers. Contact our sales department for details.

Discounts may be available for companies outfitting multiple locations.


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About Us

These thermal imaging cameras are sold by ELEDLights, a Manncorp company. The Manncorp family of companies includes electronics manufacturing equipment supplier Manncorp, Inc., which has been around for more than 50-years, LED lighting supplier ELEDLights, and lighting manufacturer LED Living Technology. The companies are based in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, and San Diego, California.

This product is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease or other medical condition. When this system detects elevated skin temperature, the finding should be confirmed using an approved medical thermometer. While fever is among the most common symptoms of COVID-19, infected individuals can be asymptomatic. The thermal measurement system cannot detect elevated body temperature in asymptomatic individuals.

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