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Shipping is free when you purchase:

  • • $250 worth of 2ft or 4ft tubes (excluding U-bend)
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  • • Or $500 of any other items

Free shipping is automatically calculated at checkout. Not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.

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High Lumen DLC 4ft LED Tube


Rebate Qualified High Lumen 4 Foot T8 LED Tube, 2300 Lumens, 18W Replaces 40W Fluorescent

Model #: 4HLXT8X018UD
The lowest wattage, high lumen DLC tube on the market. 4ft DLC/UL rebate-qualified high-output LED tube replaces T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes—simply remove the ballast from your existing fixture and insert the tube. View Video  Learn More

Quick Contact Sales—TEXT or CALL:

Rob — East Coast: 215.285.5693

Justin — West Coast: 858.229.1015

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Customer Video

Three different "High Lumen" 4ft LED T8 bulbs are reviewed:
1. 4000K Clear, DLC approved, 2200 Lumen.
2. 5000K Frosted, DLC approved, 2300 Lumen
3. 6000L, Frosted, 2360 Lumen. (DLC will not certify 6000K)
Frosted vs clear is major choice. Wiring instructions included.
Replacing your old T12 with a modern energy efficient LED replacement not only saves money but gives a lot more light.

The High Lumen Series includes High Lumen 4ft LED Tube along with a bulk pack Bulk High Lumen 4ft LED Tubes
and a High Lumen DLC 4ft LED Tube along with Bulk High Lumen DLC 4ft LED Tubes .



Built with high-luminous efficacy1 LEDs, these 4-foot LED retrofit T8 tubes produce 2300 lumens of light at just 18 Watts. The high brightness allows a single tube to be used where two fluorescent tubes were required. Easily install these 4ft high output LED tubes in existing T8 or T12 fixtures by simply removing the ballast from the fixture. 

These 4ft high lumen output LED tubes last, on average, 50,000 hours, or nearly six years with round-the-clock operation, and they carry a 5-year warranty. Commercial-quality LED tubes are suited for labs, medical facilities, storerooms, basements, garages, and any location that can benefit from extra-bright, low-power-consumption lighting.

Note: Tubes are DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) qualified and ETL listed, making them eligible for rebates from local utilities.

  • 2300 lumens provide light so bright that you may be able to replace your current lighting with one third to one half fewer tubes
  • Instant-on with no flickering or dimness, and no degradation from on/off cycling
  • Silent operation—no ballast buzz 
  • 50,000-hour average operating life significantly reduces maintenance
  • Choose a frosted lens for a conventional appearance or clear for a fashionable, high-tech look 
  • Fits T8 or T12 fixtures with tombstone sockets 
  • Easy installation—simply rewire your fixture to bypass the ballast and pop in the LED tube (Click for install instructions)
  • Electronic ballast fixtures require unshunted lampholders, see accessories above.
  • 5-year warranty
  • For commercial installations, these DesignLights Consortium(DLC)-listed tubes qualify for utility rebates

1Luminous efficacy is a measure of how well a light source produces visible light


Light Output 2200 lumens (4000K)
2300 lumens (5000K)
Power Consumption 18W
Average Lamp Life 50,000 hours
Color Natural/Neutral White: 4000K, Cool White: 5000K
CRI 83
Base Type Bi-Pin
Beam type Standard Tube
Cover Frosted, Clear
Tube Lengths 4'
Ballast Compatibility Any - Remove Ballast Before Installing Tube
Installation Method Click for install instructions
Working Environment Indoor
LED Type SMD2835
Number of LEDs 192
Driver Type Internal
Input Voltage 90-277V
Qty in Package 1
Dimensions 47.71" long x 1.14" diam.
Certification DLC, UL
DLC Model # eLED0042018114N, eLED0042018115N
Warranty 5 Years


  • Super bright (2300 lumens) glare-free light
  • Instant on, flicker-free, silent—no ballast
  • Consume less energy (18 Watts vs. 40 Watts)
  • Emit less heat (3.4 BTUs per hour versus 30 BTUs)
  • No mercury or other hazardous materials
  • Approx. 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Durable aluminum and plastic construction
  • Fit any T8 and T12 fixtures
  • Eligible for commercial energy incentive rebate program
  • DLC & UL Listed.

Color & Applications

Daylight-quality Natural White light makes products pop, shows true-to-life colors.

Commerical Applications: Showrooms • Apparel Stores • Bookstores • Office Supply and Stationary Stores • Offices • Hallways • Cafeterias • Waiting Rooms and more

Residential Applications: Kitchens • Bathrooms • Rec Rooms • Finished Basement Areas

Cool White light provides a bright, clean look and the most lumens/brightest possible light.  

Commercial Applications: Electronics & High-Tech Stores • Auto Parts Stores • Hardware Stores • Grocery and Convenience Stores • Hospitals • Schools • Labs and Research Facilities • Warehouses • Manufacturing Plants • Commerical Kitchens

Residential Applications: Garages • Basements • Workshops • Attics

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Review by Adam

These lamps eliminate the ballast and are brighter than the fluorescents they replaced. Fast delivery, easy install instructions, and great energy savings for my restaurant! (Posted on 3/25/2016)

Review by John

I am so glad to have found ELEDLIGHTS.COM. Products are more than expected, and service is best ever--thank you Jeff Mann! (Posted on 3/23/2015)

Review by Roger Drue

Excellent service! New tubes arrived today. (Posted on 10/28/2014)

Review by Jim Nichols

thank you for the replacement of defective lights...your honesty is very much appreciated in today's society.....your lights are amazing and I will spread the good news, also plan on the purchase of more lights...thank you very much Jim... (Posted on 8/13/2014)

Review by Gordon Feingold

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction and delight with the high-output T8 LED replacement tubes I purchased from What a difference from the flickering, buzzing fluorescents they replaced! I was astonished by the light output from these LED tubes. The lighting in my storeroom and garage is so much improved that I fully expect to find lost stuff that was heretofore hidden in flickering fluorescent shadows.

A great product from a great store at an excellent price. One simply can’t ask for anything more. (Posted on 3/27/2014)

Review by Barry Dickens

I purchased a pair of the ELED-T818W tubes to replace the fluorescent tubes in my study, and installed them a week ago. I like lots of light, and I want that light to be as close (in color) to sunlight as possible. These LED tubes are exactly what I needed, and they are fantastic! It only took about 15 minutes to remove the ballast from the fixture and re-wire the sockets, but please don't attempt this yourself if you don't know about proper electrical wiring practices.

I replaced a pair of 32W Sylvania "Daylight" tubes, rated at 2700 lumens, 6500K. The eLED tubes are rated at 2200 lumens, 5000K, but they are substantially brighter and produce a white light that is closer to daylight than the fluorescent. I measured the light output on a table top at 5' 3" directly below the center of the fixture (standard 2' by 4' with diffuser panel). The fluorescent tubes produced 412 lux and the eLED tubes produce 681 lux, a 65% improvement. So even though the rated lumens output of the eLED tube is lower, it actually produces more light.

The bottom line is that I love these lights. The fluorescent lights can give my wife a migraine, but that isn't a problem with the eLED lights. She likes the new brighter light too. In addition, these lights are on about 10 hours every day (average), which means I will save 8.4 kWh per month. In San Diego, that's over $16 per year, so the new eLED lights will have paid for themselves in just over 2 years. (Posted on 3/27/2014)

Review by Bud Herod

I gave these tube lights 5 stars even though I only had them less than a day and only got to see them in action for a couple of hours. I showed them to some friends that were having trouble with four tube fluorescent fixtures putting out enough light for their aircraft paint room. It took me 10 minutes to cut the ballasts out of their fixture and rewire one end of the fixture for the LED tubes and another ten to install the tubes. Gotta make sure L matches L and N matches N. I had gotten the clear lens with the 5000k 2200 lm tubes and the one four tube panel lit up one quarter of the paint room like it was daylight. They had a six tube 32w fluorescent panel with mirrored reflectors that matched light output with the LED panel, but the light spectrum from the fluorescent panel hurt the eye to look at it, so they decided to buy my four tubes for an immediate upgrade to the room and they took down all the information to purchase all the tubes needed to convert 4-5 more panels for the paint room. Now I have to get more LED tubes for my own garage. The light is very bright and the tubes barely get warm even after 2-3 hours in use. They appear to be well made and the only thing that might be upgraded that I can see might be the 3528SMD. All the rest of the LED lamps I have in my home and garage are the 5050SMD variety and they are even brighter in the Natural White and Cool White regions. Thanks ELEDLIGHTS for a great lamp. Now to look for short neck, dimmable, PAR30s for my kitchen. (Posted on 3/27/2014)

Review by Peter Brancato

You guys did a great job getting my LED’s. I have recommended to all friends & family. Looking forward to seeing my December electric bill. (Posted on 3/27/2014)

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