Converting to LED?

Recycling Your Fluorescent Lamps Is Easy As 1-2-3

When you purchase LED lights from ELEDLights, you can now conveniently order recycling kits for your old fluorescent lamps at the same time. Why is that convenient? When you have both your new tubes and your recycling kits on hand, you'll be able to slide your old fluorescent lamps into the kit boxes as you take them out of their fixtures. No need to store, transport, or figure out how to dispose of them! When your boxes are filled, simply have FedEx come pick up them up & you're done! Not only will you enjoy brilliant new energy-efficient lights, you'll enjoy knowing the materials in your old lights are being reclaimed for new uses.

3 Easy Steps to Recycling

1. Order a Recycling Kit

Choose from a range of size options

2. Fill the Kit with Eligible Lamps

We accept 4ft, 8ft, 2ft, or U-shaped tubes

Send Back the Filled Kit

Mail through FedEx with the pre-paid label

Get Started!

You Pay One Flat Rate & We Handle the Rest!

Finding the proper recycling center

Covering any additional fees

Support from our team of experts

Most importantly: saving you time!

Recycling FAQs

Is it worth it to recycle old lamps?

Yes! Virtually all of the components of fluorescent tubes can be reclaimed through recycling, from the glass to the endcaps to the internal coating. Even the elemental mercury contained in the lamp, which would otherwise be toxic waste, can be reclaimed and reused.

What kinds of lamps can ELEDLights recycle for me?

We can help you safely dispose of 4ft and 8ft fluorescent lamps and 2ft U-shape fluorescent lamps, and you can purchase kits for those right on our website. If you would like to recycle lighting ballasts or CFLs, contact us for a quote.

What if my lamps are broken or crushed?

We can still accept them; the special lining of the kit can protect against crushed or broken lamp glass.

How many lamps can I recycle?

We provide a range of size options to choose from so you can find the best fit for the amount and type of lights your company needs to dispose of. If you have more than 400 lamps to recycle, we recommend reaching out to our team for pick-up service information.

How can I receive a Recycling Kit?

When you're ordering LED tubes from us, you can add the appropriate kit to your cart from either the accessories section of the tubes you're purchasing or through this page. Alternatively, you can call 215.355.7200 or email to request a kit after you have placed an order with us.

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