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Replace the fluorescent fixtures in your suspended ceilings with modern LED lighting to cut energy costs, improve overall appearance, and reduce maintenance throughout your building. We offer both LED panel lights and volumetric LED troffers.

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Replace Your Drop Ceiling Fluorescent Lights with LED Panel & Troffer Lighting

LED panel lights and LED troffer lights both provide great lighting quality, energy efficiency, and significant increases in longevity compared to fluorescent lighting. The difference between the two—panels and troffers—is mainly in appearance:

  • Panel lights sit flush in your suspended ceiling grid and are flat all the way across, like a ceiling tile that happens to light up. Their edge-lit design minimizes shadows.
  • Troffers appear as recessed lights and use a volumetric design that’s geared toward making your room appear brighter.

Both provide excellent lighting performance and aesthetics.

Either way you decide to go, you can rely on excellent color rendering, long operating life, and easy installation. Contact us about upgrading the fluorescent fixtures in your office, fitness center, retail store, medical or dental facility, conference rooms, and more with panel lights or LED troffers today.

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