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When You Use PSE&G Lighting Rebates Through ELEDLights

Whatever your industry, if your property is serviced by PSE&G, ELEDLights can get you updated lighting at a low cost, thanks to savings available through PSE&G instant incentives. No complicated application required! Simply find the lights you want, then contact our team. We'll verify your eligibility & process your lighting order—with your money-saving rebate credits already applied!

See Your Savings While You Shop

First, enter your property's zip code to turn on rebate estimates while you're shopping our site:

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Then, Shop Our Rebate Eligible Lights

When you click to see more about any light, you'll see the rebate estimate right under the price!

Let lighting rebates illuminate the path to a brighter, more cost-effective future for your business!

PSE&G Rebates You Can Take Advantage of Today

High Bay Lights Save $50 - $400 per fixture1
LED Tubes Save $6 per bulb
LED Retrofit Kits Save $15 or $25 per fixture2
Panel Lights Save $40 or $50 per fixture2
Linear Lights Save $30, $60, or $10 per fixture2
Flood Lights Save $50 - $450 per fixture1
Parking Lot Lights Save $50 - $450 per fixture1
Canopy Lights Save $50 - $450 per fixture1
Wall Packs Save $50 - $300 per fixture1
HID Retrofit Lamps Save $50, $75, or $100 per lamp1

Rebates shown are the maximum available. When an available rebate is higher than the price of the light, the actual rebate amount will be the light price minus $1. Sales tax will be collected on the full price of the light.

1Rebate tier dependent on the lumens of the new light.
2Rebate tier dependent on the length of the new fixture (2ft, 4ft, 8ft).

How Our Instant Rebate Estimates Work

For every rebate-eligible light on our website, the max rebate available is shown. If a rebate amount is higher than the price of the product, the actual rebate received will be the product price minus $1.

Find Rebate-Eligible Lights by Category

ELEDLights' lighting solutions and PSE&G's commercial lighting incentives are your gateway to reduced energy costs, improved lighting performance, and enhanced safety & security. With lighting rebates, energy-efficient lighting solutions are accessible and affordable for businesses like yours. Rebates also allow you to choose higher quality lights for the same price as contractor-grade.

Cover Your Installation Costs, Too, with 0% On-Bill Financing!

While PSE&G rebates reduce the cost of new lighting and controls, what about installation, fixture removal, and other costs associated with upgrading your lighting? It's possible to spread these costs over five years through interest-free financing that is paid as part of your monthly PSE&G utility bill. If you're interested in combining rebates with on-bill financing to bring your up-front lighting upgrade costs to near zero, get in touch with ELEDLights.

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Featured Lights: $1 After Instant Rebates

These lights—and more—cost just $1 plus sales tax after PSE&G rebates are applied.

While many of our lights are rebate-eligible through the PSE&G midstream instant incentive program, you may come across some that are not. If you need those particular lights, contact us to see what discounts we may be able to offer for quantity purchases.