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To encourage energy-efficient lighting upgrades, local utility companies PECO Energy Company in Pennsylvania and Public Service Electric and Gas in New Jersey are providing substantial incentives for qualifying lighting retrofits & replacements as well as occupancy and daylight sensors and advanced lighting controls.

Many companies aren't aware of these rebates or how to access them. Whether you could use new lights in a single office or across an entire industrial complex, or if you have commercial clients you'll be speccing or installing new lights for, ELEDLights can help you access every energy incentive available to the project.

ELEDLights Has Helped Commercial PECO Customers Save

on their lighting upgrade between June 2021 & August 2022 using PECO's financial incentives program.

When you source your lights from ELEDLights, we can do all the legwork to get your instant discounts.

ELEDLights a Trade Ally for both PECO and Public Service Electric and Gas

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Business Owners

Upgrade the lighting in your facility to super-efficient LEDs & save with no-hassle, instant discounts.


Stay competitive, win more jobs, and help your customers with cost-reducing incentives.

Property Developers

Take control of costs & increase savings without having to do any rebate processing yourself.

What Are PECO and PSE&G Incentives?

Businesses, schools, hospitals, and other organizations, both public and private, can cut their overhead and better manage their costs through a lighting upgrade. Property developers can benefit by including advanced lighting upgrades as part of building renovations. Upgrading to energy-efficient LED doesn’t have to be a hassle or expensive. In fact, end users can save 50%—or more—in monthly energy overhead while enjoying reduced maintenance costs for the life of the lighting. Savings grow even bigger when advanced lighting controls are part of the upgrade.

What many companies miss out on, though, is the potential for sizable up-front savings through incentives programs. Federal funds have been made available to states to incentivize the use of high-efficiency lighting. These funds are distributed through utility companies, such as Pennsylvania's PECO utility and New Jersey's PSE&G.

When you take advantage of energy efficiency incentives available to your project through PECO or PSE&G, you can save not only on the cost of your new lights but also on occupancy & daylight sensors and advanced lighting controls that bring you even more energy savings. PECO customers may be eligible to save on the permanent removal of old fixtures as well.

Take control of energy use with ELEDLights & PECO or PSE&G incentives!

ELEDLights has helped local companies like yours access these energy efficiency incentives to offset the cost of lighting upgrades, at no additional cost to them. If your project qualifies for rebates, we can can help make submitting your applications faster and easier.

What Projects Qualify for Incentives?

If you are installing lighting in a commercial building in the PECO or PSE&G service areas, there is a good chance your project will be eligible for cost-saving rebates. Both utilities offer incentives for commercial, industrial and institutional customers who install high-efficiency lighting and energy-saving controls. If you're unsure if your project qualifies, reach out to us and ask. Our team puts together incentive discounts for local companies all the time. We can probably get you a faster answer than your utility can—plus we can tell you how much you stand to save on the lighting and controls for your project.

Use one of the Get Started buttons above to tell us about your project—free of charge, no commitment required!

What's It Like to Get Incentives through ELEDLights?

Team Toyota of Glen Mills, PA

Dealership Saves on Lighting Improvements

"PECO was offering energy credits. ELEDLights literally did everything for me, to the point where when they sold me the lights, the credits were already on there. Just an absolute wealth of knowledge. I couldn't recommend them enough to anybody that's looking to do any sort of project, large or small."

Iron Stone Real Estate Partners, Philadelphia

Parking garage upgrade saved $64,500 through PECO rebates

Iron Stone replaced 430 HPS canopy lights in a parking garage. The rebates we got them amounted to $64,500, leaving just $430 to be paid out of pocket for the new, energy-efficient fixtures. And the energy efficiency paid off too! After just 2 months, Iron Stone estimated they'd already saved more than a thousand dollars in energy costs.

Kristoff’s Classic Cars of Horsham, PA

$8 Lighting Upgrade for Car Bay

When Tom Kristoff upgraded 8 lights in the car bay with LED lights, we were able to save him 99% of the fixture costs by filing for the utility incentives available to him. Total bill: $8 + tax.

What Kinds of Lights Are Available?

Here's just a sampling of high and ultra-high efficiency ELEDLights lighting products eligible for big rebate incentives through PECO and PSE&G:

Not in the PECO/PSE&G Area?

Is your business serviced by a different utility provider? We can still help!

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The latest information on PECO solutions and incentives for commercial customers is effective June 1, 2022. Qualifying equipment is subject to the specifications, terms and conditions outlined in the program application and application manual for Phase IV. Incentives are available until May 15, 2026, or while funds last. Learn more about PECO's program at

Learn more about PSE&G's program at

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