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Why Your Company May Be Able to Get New Lights at Very Low Cost

Southeastern PA utility provider PECO, through their PECO Ways to Save program, offers financial incentives for companies to switch to high-efficiency lighting. This includes switching from older, less efficient LED lighting to today's state of the art technology.

Why are utilities offering free money to switch?

Between electric cars, bitcoin mining, the growth of electronic devices in homes and businesses, and increasing automation in manufacturing and other industries, the power grid is taking on ever-heavier loads.

Incentives, like those offered through PECO Ways to Save, are an economical way for utilities to reduce the load on the power grid and keep electricity affordable for everyone.

These incentives are a fantastic deal that every eligible company in the PECO area should take advantage of

But it can be a lot of work to navigate the programs, sort out the requirements, and plan a whole lighting upgrade project.

Fortunately, you don't have to!

ELEDLights has been making it easy for companies in the PECO area to take advantage of these financial incentives for years

Your company can benefit from our years of expertise in lighting projects and utility incentives.

We can present your company with a lighting plan for your upgrade, complete with all the information on incentives you qualify for, how much you'll save in project costs, and how much you'll go on to save in energy costs over the life of your new lights. This includes specifying the lights and controls you need to make sure all your spaces are properly and efficiently lit.

To give you an idea of how worthwhile these incentives from PECO can be:

Many of our customers in Southeast Pennsylvania have been able to upgrade their property's lighting to high-efficiency LED for as little as $1/fixture

Plus sales tax, thanks to the PECO Ways to Save financial incentives program. Our customers also save on lighting controls, which are also often covered under the PECO Ways to Save program.

Savings aren't just one and done, either

After installation, your new LED lights will use up to 70% less energy than traditional lights and can last up to 50 times longer. This means your company can save thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars each year on energy bills and maintenance costs.

Typical ROI for upgrades funded by energy efficiency incentives are measured in months, not years—that's how great a deal these incentives are for companies.

ELEDLights is a leading provider of LED lighting

Plus, we have rebate experts on staff with a track record of getting great deals for our local customers. We offer a wide variety of LED lights to choose from, and we can help you find the right lights and lighting controls for your property. We also offer free lighting services for customers who source their lights through us, including lighting plans and photometric layouts. That's free as in a value-added service that adds nothing to your project cost.

And, when you're an ELEDLights customer, taking advantage of those money-saving incentives is as easy as buying lights. Our rebate program experts take care of all the legwork to make sure your company gets every lighting dollar it qualifies for from the PECO Ways to Save program.

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