T8 LED Cooler/Freezer Lights
LED Freezer Lights & Reach-in Cooler LED Lights


T8 LED Cooler/Freezer LightsLED Freezer Lights & Reach-in Cooler LED Lights

Lower the operating costs for your cooler, freezer, and walk-in refrigerator cases by switching from fluorescent tubes to commercial-grade LED freezer lights. These T8 LED cooler/freezer lights run brighter, longer, and cooler than fluorescent freezer bulbs. Brighter light makes for more attractive display freezers and reach-in coolers. Longer operating life means less maintenance. Cooler operation means your cases won't have to use as much power to keep your product cool. On top of that, LED technology uses less than half the electricity of fluorescent bulbs. All our commercial-quality LED freezer lighting carries a 5-year warranty.

Check out a convenience store install done with our LED freezer lights. You can see the difference between the old fluorescents and the new LEDs in the photos.

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