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LED Street Lights
For roadways, streets, parking lots, campuses, parks, and more, our high-quality LED street lights use as little as a quarter of the power of high-pressure sodium (HPS) while operating at twice the lifespan. Our lights come standard with both a daylight sensor and dimming capability. They can be mounted on vertical poles or horizontal pole arms.
  • 150W LED Street Light Mounted on Vertical Pole, shown with optional daylight sensor

    150W LED Street Light

    • • 150W replaces 400W-600W HPS
    • • 4000K color / 18,000 lumens
    • • IP66 weathertight enclosure
  • 90W LED Street Light on Vertical Pole

    90W LED Street Light

    • • 90W replaces 250W HPS
    • • 4000K color / 10,800 lumens
    • • IP66 weathertight enclosure
  • 50W LED Street Light

    50W LED Street Light

    • • 50W replaces 120W HID
    • • 4000K color / 6,000 lumens
    • • IP66 weathertight enclosure
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