LED Parking Lot Lights

Eliminate ballast replacements for good. Cut your light maintenance costs in half. Slash your lighting bill to a third of what it is now. Big lights used to mean big energy and upkeep costs, but not anymore. With the efficiency of LEDs, you can now get a 1000W equivalent LED parking lot light with a power rating as low as 300 Watts—and they'll never need a ballast replacement. Our commercial parking lot lighting fixtures and LED retrofits for HPS/MH fixtures, available in equivalents from 120W to 2500W, come on instantly, last two times longer, and degrade less slowly than high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps. We have LED shoebox fixtures, cobra-head-style fixtures, and flood lights available for your parking lot needs. If you prefer to keep your existing fixtures, we also have flat corn lights to replace screw-in HPS and metal halide lamps and LED retrofit kits specially made for parking lot light applications.

If you have any questions—about light distribution patterns, lighting controls, whether your utility provider offers energy rebates on these lights, or anything at all—contact us. That's what we're here for!

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Most lights carry a 5-year warranty.

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