Portable/Mobile UV Disinfection

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  1. UVC Germicidal Corn Light with Built-In Safety Features
    Portable UVC for after hours & between classes/clients disinfection
    Wattage 80W
  2. Commercial Handheld UVC Disinfecting Light
    Lightweight 34W handheld UV disinfection
    Wattage 34W
  3. UVC Disinfection Tower
    After hours/between classes UVC disinfection—standard and deluxe models available.
    Wattage 160W-400W
  4. UVC Device Locker with Digital Information Kiosk
    Sanitize, secure, and charge mobile devices
  5. Mobile UVC Air Sanitizer for Occupied & Unoccupied Areas
    Treats up to 120,000 cubic ft of air per hour
    Wattage 960W

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Portable Germicidal UV Solutions

For locations where permanent fixtures can't be installed, such as small leased offices, and for locations where it's practical to move sanitation lights from room to room, our mobile and portable UV disinfecting products provide great options for keeping your premises healthy and safe.

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