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  1. Solar LED Pathway & Street Light 2260 lumen
    $649.00 ($649.00 ea.)
    ( From: $599.00
    15WReplaces 100W
    Output 2,260 lumens
    Color 5000K

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Solar LED Lights—The Most Convenient Outdoor Lighting You'll Ever Own

Install outdoor security lighting anywhere you need it and reduce your outdoor lighting bill to nothing with solar LED lighting. Because they don't rely on power from the grid, they can be located virtually anywhere sunlight can reach them. Whether you need lighting in a remote pasture or you just want to stop paying the electric company for nighttime lighting, solar LED lighting provides a great option.

Solar LED lights are self-contained and require no connection to external power, no wiring, and no electrician. Simply mount your new lights to walls, poles, fence posts, or other outdoor locations and enjoy worry-free lighting for years to come. These lights will run during power outages, they'll run even when the weather's been overcast and rainy for days, and you'll never have to remember to turn them on. All of our solar lights can be programmed to come on at dusk or when motion is detected nearby, and they turn back off at dawn.

Each of our solar light kits includes a long-life LED light fixture, an integrated solar panel, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for power storage, and easy-to-follow instructions for installation and operation.

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