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  1. Architectural 240W Shoebox Light - T3 Beam Angle
    Sale Price ($348.40 ea.)
    Regular Price ($409.88
    240WReplaces 750W
    Output 28,800 lumens
    Color 5000K

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LED shoebox lights for parking lots, cobra-head-style street lights, and globe lamps help light the way for your customers, guests, and employees while protecting your property from theft and vandalism. No one relishes changing out a burned lamp in a high-up, outdoors fixture, but with an average operating life of less than 15,000 hours (metal halide) or 24,000 hours (high pressure sodium and mercury vapor), you wind up doing just that far too frequently. LED lighting more than doubles the lifespan of your lighting, significantly reducing the frequency and amount of maintenance required—something to be extra thankful for on those bitter February nights when your LED-based lights are shining reliably bright.

ELEDLights also carries solar-power LED area and street lights. These lights require no connection to external power sources, have zero impact on your electricity bill, and are impervious to power outages in the electric grid. When you need new lighting in an area, solar lights are the absolute easiest way to go. For areas that require dependable lighting, even during power outages, solar lights eliminate the cost of a back-up generator. And most come standard with a selection of operating modes so that you can fit them to your specific lighting needs.

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