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Outdoor Lights

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  1. 30W Mini LED Flood Light Fixture
    $42.00 ($42.00 ea.)
    ( From: $35.00
    30WReplaces 75W
    Output 4,000 lumens
    Color 5000K
  2. 6-Foot (360°) LED Tube with HO Endings (R17D)
    $316.00 ($79.00 ea.)
    ( From: $75.00
    40WReplaces 75W
    Output 4,800 lumens
    Color 6000K
  3. 4FT 40W Vapor Tight Fixture
    $112.00 ($112.00 ea.)
    ( From: $105.00
    40WReplaces 125W
    Output 4,368 lumens
    Color 4000K, 5000K
  4. 30W LED Street Light
    $139.00 ($139.00 ea.)
    30WReplaces 70W
    Output 4,200 lumens
    Color 4000K

4 Items

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Whether you need to light an entrance or an entire stadium, ELEDLights can help you do it at a good price with high quality, reliable retrofits and fixtures. If you don't see what you need here, Contact our lighting pros.

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