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Vapor Tight / Tri-Proof

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  1. 4ft Color Selectable 36W Vapor Tight Fixture
    $79.88 ($79.88 ea.)
    ( From: $69.88
    36WReplaces 125W
    Output 4,680 lumens
    Color 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
  2. 4FT 40W Vapor Tight Fixture
    $109.88 ($109.88 ea.)
    40WReplaces 125W
    Output 4,368 lumens
    Color 4000K, 5000K
  3. 4FT 50W Vapor Tight Fixture
    $169.88 ($169.88 ea.)
    50WReplaces 150W
    Output 6,571 lumens
    Color 4000K, 5000K
  4. 4ft 150W Vapor Tight Linear High Bay
    $204.88 ($204.88 ea.)
    150WReplaces 400W
    Output 19,500 lumens
    Color 5000K
  5. 8ft 100W Vapor Tight Fixture
    $214.88 ($214.88 ea.)
    100WReplaces 250W
    Output 13,000 lumens
    Color 5000K

5 Items

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LED Vapor Tight / Tri-Proof Fixtures

Harsh environments, such as car washes, waste water treatment plants, subways, parking garages, cold storage, breweries, and other locations require durable light fixtures constructed to protect the light source from moisture, dirt, and dust. Our vapor tight, tri-proof LED lights are extremely energy-efficient and warrantied for 5 years.

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