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Linear LED Shop Lights

Self-contained LED shop light fixtures offer a number of advantages over the old fixture+bulb model, one of which is that the integration of the fixture & the light source allows us to create sleeker, more compact fixtures that produce the same—or even better—light output. Another advantage is that, because the housing does not need to be opened for bulb replacement, the housing can be designed to create better protection against ingress of dust, water, and corrosion, as is the case with our vapor-tight and other IP65 and IP66-rated LED fixtures.

Integrating a fixture and its light source wasn't possible in the past due to the short lifespan of previous lighting technologies—no one wants to replace an entire fixture every year. But LED technology offers such extended lifespans that this is no longer a concern. Our commercial-grade LED linear lights carry 5-year warranties, and their rated operating life of 50,000 hours means your sleek new fixtures can provide you with great, reliable, maintenance-free lighting well beyond the warranty.

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