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Corn Lights

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  1. High Lumen 54W LED Corn Light
    $55.00 ($55.00 ea.)
    ( From: $45.00
    54WReplaces 175W
    Output 7,300 lumens
    Color 5000K
  2. High Lumen 80W LED Corn Light
    $69.00 ($69.00 ea.)
    ( From: $65.00
    80WReplaces 250W
    Output 10,800 lumens
    Color 5000K
  3. High Lumen 125W LED Corn Light
    $89.00 ($89.00 ea.)
    ( From: $85.00
    125WReplaces 400W
    Output 16,800 lumens
    Color 5000K

3 Items

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LED Corn Lights

The ultimate retrofit: self-contained, multi-directional, screw-in LED "corn" lamps are a simple way to upgrade your existing metal halide, halogen, mercury vapor, high-pressure sodium, and mogul-based CFL light fixtures without having to replace the entire fixture. The flat versions are ideal for wall packs, canopy lights, parking lot shoeboxes, and other fixtures where the back side of the bulb will be covered by fixture housing. The round versions are great for street and post lamps, globe lights, high and low bay LED lighting retrofits, and other applications where the entire circumference of the bulb is either bare or surrounded by glass.

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