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Indoor Sports & Arena

Indoor Sports & Arena Lighting

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Make sure fans and spectators never miss a moment of the action. We offer some of the brightest lights around, capable of lighting the largest of indoor arenas. For hockey, soccer, and other indoor sports facilities, you can’t do better than the high-powered, high-efficiency lights that we have to offer. Take a look at the lights below and make the right choice for the arena you’re working on today.

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  1. 300W Super-Bright Dimmable High Bay LED Light
    from ($365.00 ea.)
    Lowest-priced fixture for 30–40 foot ceilings
    300WReplaces 1000W
    Output 45,000 lumens
    Color 5000K
  2. 340W Ultra-High Lumen LED UFO High Bay
    from ($449.00 ea.)
    Most lumens available for 30–40 foot ceilings
    340WReplaces 1000W
    Output 55,500 lumens
    Color 5000K

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