Upgrade your fluorescent fixtures with LED ceiling light panels or easy-to-install lay-in troffer kits


LED Panel Lights and Troffer Retrofit Kits – LED Alternatives to Linear Fluorescent Lighting

Ultra-thin LED lighting panels and snap-in troffer replacement kits are the newest innovations in lighting. Edge lit LED lighting panels provide a uniform, high luminous output that is pleasant, attractive, and unique while the snap-in troffer kits make updating existing fluorescent fixtures a "snap." Whether you're upgrading drop ceiling lighting or surface mounted fluorescent troffers, our LED light panels and troffer upgrades combine a high lumens per watt ratio and wide color temperature range with high CRI to deliver optimal, energy-efficient lighting. LED lighting panels can be used as drop ceiling lights or surface mounted on the ceiling. Troffer upgrade kits snap right into your existing fluorescent troffer, eliminating the need to remove and dispose of your current fixtures. Both give you high energy efficiency, extremely long life, and virtually no maintenance.

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