Ultra-High Lumen UFO-Style Designer High Bay & Low Bay LED Lamps
The most energy-efficient LED high bay & low bay lights available give you brighter-than-ever light at lower-than-ever wattages. Featuring luminous efficacy of 150 to 170 lumens/W.
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The Original LED UFO High Bay Light

We've sold thousands of these ultra-efficient UFO style lights since we introduced them: they're one of our most popular lighting options. We added them to our line-up back when other companies were still selling the old aluminum reflector models, long before Ebay was flooded with lookalikes. Two things the Ebay lookalikes can't replicate, however, are the build quality and ELEDLights.com's first-rate customer service—our support team is always just a text or phone call away.

Just because we began selling these lights in 2014 doesn't mean they're the same lights from 2014. The original models ran at just 95 lumens/Watt, which was an improvement over other lighting options, like metal halide, but nothing like today’s efficiencies. Technological advances have allowed for efficiency increases up to an amazing 170 lumens/Watt, making them the brightest high bays on the market for their wattage. With all the changes, the lights' build quality remains top notch. We’ve upgraded heatsinks as we’ve upgraded efficiency, providing all the protection we can for the Meanwell driver and Nichia LED chips, ensuring you’ll get the full rated lamp life out them. You’ll notice these lights feel hefty when you take them out of the box—that’s the heatsink. Also, it used to be that you had to purchase dimming as an upgrade with these lights; now it comes standard. You can change the beam angle by simply changing out the lens, and we still offer three mounting bracket options.

In addition to increasing the efficiency, we've rounded out the line with low bay UFO lights in the same striking design, with the same high quality build and components.

Watch a video about these lights: A New Look at LED High Bay Lighting

Our ultra high lumen UFO-style LED high bay lights feature: • High Efficiency of 120 to 170 Lumens/Watt• DLC Listing for Utility Rebates • High Quality Components & Manufacturing • High Reliability • 5-year Warranty • Average Lamp Life of 50k Hours

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