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LED Flood Lights

Cut energy and maintenance costs with new commercial-grade LED flood light fixtures. No matter how big or small your outdoor flood lighting needs, we have it covered, from mini fixtures to stadium-sized lighting.
Interested in pole-mounting your new flood lights? Check out our steel and aluminum pole options and request a quote today.

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  1. LUX 240W LED Flood Light
    LUX 240W LED Flood Light
    $279.00 ($279.00 ea.)
    ( From: $269.00
  2. 600W LED Stadium Floodlight
    600W LED Stadium Floodlight
    $1,099.00 ($1,099.00 ea.)
    ( From: $999.00
  3. High Power 600W LED Flood Light with Bracket & Hood
    High Power 600W LED Flood Light with Bracket & Hood
    $1,049.00 ($1,049.00 ea.)
    ( From: $999.00
  4. 135W LED Flood Light
    135W LED Flood Light
    $199.00 ($199.00 ea.)
    ( From: $182.00

LED Flood Lights for Safety, Security and Appearance

Light up your property at night with durable, affordable LED flood light fixtures. Whether you’re looking for outdoor security, better lighting for your after-dusk events, or improved appearance of your property and billboard advertisements overnight, we have fixtures for you.

Choosing LED for your flood lighting needs offers a number of advantages. Because of their long operating lives, much less maintenance is required. This is particularly beneficial for lights installed in hard-to-access locations, such as building eaves and at the tops of light poles, but it’s also just nice, in general, to not have to replace burned out bulbs on a frequent basis.

LED flood lights also bring significant energy cost savings over the life of the light. A 50% reduction in lighting bills is common, though even greater savings can be achieved by selecting fixtures operating at higher lumens/Watt, or by adopting a lighting plan that uses higher-output lights but fewer fixtures.

If you have questions about flood lights or you’d like help in creating a plan optimized both for your lighting needs and maximum energy savings, contact our lighting team by phone, email, or live chat today!

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