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LED Conversion Kit for Fluorescent Troffers

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Upgrade ten fluorescent troffers to LED with a single kit

For only $79 per fixture ELEDLIGHTS Troffer Conversion Kits are the easiest and most economical way to give your offices, conference rooms, classrooms — any room with a drop-ceiling — a complete makeover by converting standard 4' x 2' hinged fluorescent troffers to energy-saving, maintenance-free LED technology. 

Each kit includes forty (40), High Lumen-quality, 4' LED tubes and ten (10) bright-white, UV-stabilized, acrylic diffusers — enough to overhaul ten troffers and eliminate the ugly, yellowing, prismatic plastic you’ve been tolerating for way too long!. With four LED tubes installed, each troffer will provide a total of 8000 lumens (the equivalent of four, 32W, T8 fluorescents), while cutting energy consumption by 40-50%.

Ever since fluorescent tube lighting and acoustical-tile, drop-ceilings first started gaining popularity in the late 40’s and early 50’s, literally millions of 4-tube, hinged-type troffers have been, and continue to be, sold and installed world-wide. Periodic maintenance, including multiple tube and ballast replacements, has kept many of these fixtures in operation for several decades. Frequently, due to cost and inconvenience, fluorescent troffers are neglected and not very well maintained, in which case they’re very easy to spot — flickering or burned-out tubes and ugly, yellowing plastic lenses are most often dead giveaways.

But, unless you’re ready for a major remodeling project, it’s more than likely they’re not going anywhere. An easier and more affordable solution that will make your facility look brand-new, dramatically improve your lighting, cut your energy costs by as much as 40-50%, and eliminate the need for regular maintenance is ELEDLIGHTS' LED Conversion Kit for Fluorescent Troffers!

Other than maybe needing a good cleaning, more than likely your troffer housings are structurally sound. Plus, all the AC wiring to each fixture is still in place and doesn’t have to be re-routed. All you have to do to install the LED tubes is some simple rewiring within the fixture to bypass the ballast. The disconnected ballast can either be removed or left in place and, in most cases, all the internal re-wiring can be done without having to remove the fixture from the ceiling.

Now it’s finally time to say goodbye to Cold-War era styling by removing and throwing away that crappy-looking prismatic plastic. In its place you’ll simply insert a bright, milky-white, UV-stabilized acrylic diffuser that won’t yellow and will look great when the lights are on or off. Each sheet* measures 46.5" x 22.5" x .080” thick**, and is smooth on one side, slightly pebble-texture on the other, and is fully reversible depending on the look you prefer.

Once your tubes and diffusers are installed and you turn on your new lights, you’ll be amazed at the difference. Now you can sit back and enjoy, knowing your Troffer Upgrades are paying for themselves in no time in reduced maintenance and lower electric bills.

*Note: Due to shipping limitations and to prevent damage, our UV-stabilized diffusers are supplied in packs of 10 sheets each, with LED tubes supplied in 2 packages of 20 tubes each — enough to outfit 10 fixtures.

**Note: To fit in the frame of a standard 4' x 2' hinged fluorescent troffer, the sheets are cut to 46.5" x 22.5". They are not suitable for other 4' x 2' troffers that do not have hinged frames.

Light Output8,000 lumens
Efficiency (lumens/Watt)110 lm/W
Average Lamp Life50,000 hours
Color Temperature6000K
Base TypeBi-Pin
Beam Angle120 °
Beam TypeStandard Tube
Tube Lengths4'
Ballast CompatibilityCompatible with all fluorescent fixtures—Bypass the ballast before installing tube
Installation MethodRemove fluorescent ballast from fixture, insert tube. (Click for install instructions)
Working EnvironmentIndoor
Input Voltage90-277VAC, 50/60 Hz
Qty in Package1
DimensionsTubes: 47.71" long x 1.14" diam, Diffuser: 46.5" x 22.5" x .080” thick
Warranty5 Years
Additional SpecsDiffuser Material: UV-Stabilized Acrylic, Diffuser Color: Milk White, Diffuser Finish: Smooth on one side, stipple or "orange peel" texture on opposite side

Easy Installation Instructions

PDF Datasheet

Check out the installation video in the image gallery at the top of this page.

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