Induction UVC High Bay Disinfection Fixture

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Fast surface disinfection for areas with up to 40 ft ceilings
  • Sanitizes in 12 minutes or less
  • For ceilings up to 40 ft
  • Chain-hang suspension
  • 100,000-hour lamp life
  • EPA registered (#98409-1)
  • Made in the USA

Keep Downtime to a Minimum

When you need fast UV surface sanitizing between shifts, look no further than this Induction UVC High Bay Disinfection Fixture. Capable of sanitizing in 4 minutes at a 20-foot installation height or 12 minutes at a 40-foot installation height (see below chart), these powerful fixtures are designed to keep downtime to a minimum. An additional benefit of induction technology is its long life span: 100,000 hours on average. This makes it extremely low-maintenance—always a boon when dealing with high-ceiling fixtures.


Each fixture has a motion sensor built in to automatically turn the light off if motion is detected. We recommend that UVC fixtures be installed on a circuit separate from your regular lighting. We also recommend a timer switch for the main controller. And while each fixture comes standard with a built-in motion sensor, for additional safety we also recommend grouping fixtures on a control circuit incorporating a motion sensor.

Mounting HeightIrradiance/Second Exposure Time Required* Beam LengthBeam Width
10 ft 166.92 uW/cm² 1.2 minutes 6.3 ft 6.3 ft
12 ft 121.34 uW/cm² 1.65 minutes 7.6 ft 7.6 ft
15 ft 82.86 uW/cm² 2.5 minutes 9.5 ft9.5 ft
18 ft 61.15 uW/cm² 3.3 minutes 11.4611.46
20 ft 51.48 uW/cm² 3.9 minutes 12.74 ft12.74 ft
22.5 ft 42.61 uW/cm² 4.7 minutes 14.34 ft14.34 ft
25 ft 36.06 uW/cm² 5.6 minutes 15.92 ft15.92 ft
28 ft 30.25 uW/cm² 6.7 minutes 17.84 ft 17.84 ft
30 ft 27.21 uW/cm² 7.4 minutes 19.11 ft 19.11 ft
32.5 ft 24.11 uW/cm² 8.3 minutes 20.7 ft 20.7 ft
35 ft 21.59 uW/cm² 9.3 minutes 22.3 ft 22.3 ft
40 ft 17.75 uW/cm² 11.3 minutes 25.5 ft 25.5 ft
*Exposure time is based off of total irradiance. The above calculations are based on 12mJ total exposure. This level of exposure deactivates most organisms.

Warning and Disclaimer: UVC radiation can cause skin burns and eye injuries that may appear hours after exposure has occurred. Avoid direct skin exposure to UVC radiation and never look directly into a UVC light source, even briefly. Inappropriate and improper use of the UV-C products could be dangerous and harmful. Always keep the products away from and out of reach of children. We recommend ANSI Z87.1-1989 eye/face protection, long pants and sleeves, and disposable nitrile gloves when working with or around exposed UV lamps. You are cautioned not to tamper with factory settings.

Wavelength254 nm peak
Base TypeFixture
Safety FeaturesMicrowave motion sensor
Occupancy SensorYes
Average Lamp Life100,000 hours
Input Voltage120-277V AC - 2.5A @ 120V, 1.25A @ 240V, 1.08A @ 277V

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