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2022 is the year you get all your company's lighting projects done. ELEDLights makes it easier than ever to leverage state and federal-funded rebates & incentives, which have allowed many of our customers to get thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars worth of lighting and lighting controls for next to nothing. All you have to do is find the rebates available to your project and apply. When you buy your lights from us, we make both of those things incredibly easy! Here's how:

Introducing the rebate chat bot! How easy is it to get commercial rebates? With us, pretty easy, thanks to our rebate chat bot. We call it the ELEDLights Rebate Assistant. It can find rebates for specific lighting products, have an associate process the paperwork for you, and help you save up to 100% of your cost. It is available any time of the day to help you find rebates in your area.

Lighting rebates can be found across the U.S. Some states have a few programs, and other states have tons of incentives available. Wherever you live, we can help you figure it out. To get started, just look for the link to our rebate chat while you're looking at our lighting products. It's the one that says "Get it for Less: See Available Rebates." If you have a big or complex project, reach out to our dedicated lighting team for rebate assistance.

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Check out our most recent customer stories, plus learn about updates to the rebate program that expand it to cover more than just the lamps.

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