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Test pilot Zoomy and flight design engineer Sadie Lou prepare for trial run of innovative new shipping method.

You say you're looking for pole lights? Great idea—security up top, doggo rest area down below. Let's get you some heckin' pole lights!

New intern Sammy tests in-home photo studio. Plans to take de-LIGHT-ful photos.

Axle's self-isolation tip: always have at least one good squeak fren to fetch.

2:00 pm: Dis work from home stuff for the birbs.

Is the coffee ready yet? When will the coffee be ready?

I think it's time for another snack break, human.

Now you humans know what it's like to be trapped in a box all day!

Does squeeking my toy for 3 hours count as productivity?

I thought WFH meant we can sneak in cat naps?!

I broke into mum's Easter stash early...#sorrynotsorry

Mum pleaseeee pay attention to me and stop working

Maybe if I act cute enough dad will stop work to play with me!

I second the cat naps request

When everyday is like the weekend and dad will PLAY PLAY PLAY

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