Whether you’re an established owner looking to expand to a new location, or a new franchisee who could use a hand getting started, you know that ELEDLights has got your back. We’ve got the answers to all of your lighting questions, offering you the solutions that you need at prices that will fit your budget. Reach out to our experienced staff of engineers and talk about the benefits of building a franchise plan today.

Individualized Attention

Ongoing assistance from staff

Custom Consultations

Help from design to installation

Special Orders

Suite of lighting accessories

Lighting Simulation
Actual Lighting

Franchise Program Benefits:

Individualized Attention

  • No one-size-fits-all solutions
  • Lighting plans tailored to your brand identity
  • Accessible franchise page to assist new locations (Click to see an example)
  • Ongoing assistance from our experienced staff

Custom Consultations for Your Location

  • Layout and planning services available at no cost
  • Assistance handling contractor bids
  • Dedicated help from design and planning through to installation
  • Our team can take the whole design and installation process off of your hands

The Lights You Need, When You Need Them

  • Quick shipping from East and West Coast warehouses
  • Factory-direct pricing on high-quality lights
  • In-stock lighting ready-to-ship and custom orders available
  • Emergency lights and back-ups, lighting poles, motion detectors, and a full suite of other lighting accessories

UVC Disinfection for Franchising

Actual Germicidal UVC Disinfecting Linear Fixture in use!

Why Use UVC Disinfection?

Keep your business operating while also keeping it clean! We offer UVC Disinfection products for all needs & setups, including solutions that can:

  • Work directly with your HVAC ducts for premises-wide air sanitation
  • Install in individual rooms/spaces for air sanitation in facilities without forced air HVAC systems
  • Provide portable after-hours/between-shift surface sanitation, from handheld to rolling towers
  • Provide installed surface sanitation that eliminates the set-up and storage of portable systems

Much More Than a Lighting Supplier

Tom, our NCQLP Lighting Certified lighting layout expert, is on call and ready to assist with any of your lighting questions!

ELEDLights is a family owned and operated business. We like to treat our customers as if they were part of our own family! We get that lighting may not be everyone’s area of expertise or interest, and that’s what you have us for! We’ll look at your plans, whether they be for an existing/retrofit project or new construction, and provide our expert opinions on the best options available for your specific franchise location. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ll help you through every step of the process if you’d like! From geting you setup with the best lights, to providing information and resources for installation, to making sure you’re getting any available rebates and money back on your purchases, your ELEDLights family is here for you!

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