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Pay for new LED lighting with the money you'll save on your utility bill's Energy Savings Program for Business gives companies the power to move ahead immediately with their lighting upgrade. No up-front investment is required, nor is there any need to get budget approval for new money to pay for the lights. The payment is already in your budget!

Our financing program is structured so that your monthly payments are equal to—or less than—the savings you'll see on your electricity bill. This means you simply need to shift a portion of already-budgeted monthly funds from "utilities" to "financing payment."


  • No down payment.
  • Financing is secured by the lights themselves, no additional collateral required.
  • Financing neither requires nor relies on utility rebates. Any utility rebates you may receive are your company's to keep, and you are never restricted to purchasing only rebate-qualified lights.
  • Payments can be structured to fit within your current utility budget, costing you no more money per month than you already spend.
  • Your company may, in fact, realize immediate savings over and above what's needed for the monthly payments.
  • Due to the longevity of LED lighting, once the financing is paid off, your company will enjoy 100% of the energy savings for the remaining life of the lighting, which could be as long as 15 years*.
  • Best of all: you can get started on—and benefitting from—new, bright, state-of-the-art, long-life lighting now.

Financing is provided through Univest Capital Inc., the same company that Manncorp,'s parent company, has been using for decades. We've worked with Univest to create a program geared specifically toward lighting upgrades, making the financing process easy and smooth for any customer purchasing $10,000 or more in lights.

Contact today to finance your upgrade entirely with your utility savings:
East Coast: Contact Rob at 215.582.6266 or email
West Coast: Contact Justin at 858.229.1015 or email

*Actual number of years depends on your financing term, the rated operating hours of your lights, and how many hours/day the lights are in operation.