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LED Retrofits for Outdoor Lights

Update your existing metal halide, high-pressure sodium (HPS), mercury vapor lighting, and fluorescent lighting fixtures by simply converting them to LED lighting technology with our retrofit lamps and kits.

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  1. 40W Post Top LED Corn Light
    40W Post Top LED Corn Light
    $52.00 ($52.00 ea.)
    ( From: $45.00
  2. 27W LED Flat Corn Light
    27W LED Flat Corn Light
    $39.00 ($39.00 ea.)
    ( From: $35.00
  3. 115W LED Flat Corn Light
    115W LED Flat Corn Light
    Sale Price $84.15 ($84.15 ea.)
    ( From: $75.65
    Regular Price $84.15 ($99.00
  4. LED Retrofit for Metal Halide - 300W
    LED Retrofit for Metal Halide - 300W
    $259.00 ($259.00 ea.)
    ( From: $249.00

LED Retrofits

Lamp retrofits are screw-in bulbs with E39 bases that can be adapted to E26 sockets with an accessory adapter. These lamps, powered by an input voltage of 100-277V AC*, can be used in canopy fixtures, enclosed outdoor luminaires, and shoebox and streetlights.

Retrofit kits can be installed into existing fixture housing and can be used with canopy lights, wall packs, and parking lot lights.

Users will find both the lamps and the kits preferable to the technology they're replacing. Outdoor light bulbs can be a chore to replace when they burn out, but LED lighting technology offers significantly extended lamp operating life, reducing the frequency and number of lamp replacements. You'll see at least 5 years of operation out of your upgraded lights. Additionally, the light quality will be better than the old lights you're replacing, and the energy savings will cause a noticeable drop in your lighting bill—particularly if you convert several fixtures at once.

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*When used in HID lighting or other types of fixtures with E39 sockets, a lamp retrofit's 100-277V input voltage must be wired directly to the socket. Ballasts and capacitors must either be bypassed or removed by a qualified electrician..

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