LED Strip Retrofit Kits

The fastest way to upgrade from fluorescent tubes. Whether you are looking for ease-of-application with magnetic options, Buy American Act compliancy, or simply an energy efficient alternative to your current lighting, LED strip lights will save time, meet your needs, and live up to the highest standards.

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Professional-grade LED retrofit kits for your fluorescent lights. Quickly & easily upgrade your office building, retail store, warehouse, hospital, factory, and more. A number of our kits are Buy American Act Compliant, produced right here in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. The Buy-American retrofit kits offer incredible efficiencies up to 188 lumens/Watt. Just look for the USA flag on the product image!


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2ft Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit 2x2 Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit - Two 2ft Strips - 20W / 2,900 lm
4ft Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit 2x4 Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit - Two 4ft Strips - 32W / 5,000 lm
4ft Magnetic Ultra High Lumen LED Retrofit Kit Converts 2x4 Fluorescent Troffers Complete LED retrofit kit for use with 2x4 fluorescent troffers contains 2 magnetic LED strips, a magnetic-backed driver, and connecting wires.
8ft Magnetic High Lumen LED Retrofit Kit 2x8 Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit - Four 4ft Strips - 46W / 7,400 lm
8ft Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit with Integrated Frosted Lens 2x8 Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit - Four 4ft Strips w/Frosted Lenses - 49W / 6,680 lm
2x4 High Performance Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit - 4 Kit Pack 2x4 Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit - Four 2ft Strips - 35W / up to 5,500 lumens - 4 Kits

LED Strips for YOUR Lighting Upgrade

Strip kits are the fastest and easiest fluorescent troffer upgrades on the market. It doesn't matter what kind of ballast your troffer has, how many tubes it holds, or what size it is; our kits provide a complete and simple retrofit solution to get those troffers running energy-efficient, long-life, state-of-the-art LED technology. LED strips attach to any linear lighting fixtures and eliminate the need for ballasts—which means there’s no need to wire power to tombstones. If you have any questions about upgrading your fluorescent lights to LED, get in touch!