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Our Buy American Act Compliant Lights Aren’t Just for Government Projects

Our Buy American Act Compliant lights are all manufactured in our Hatboro, Pennsylvania facility. We are proud to offer them to our customers—including companies who aren’t procuring lights for projects that require BAA compliance. Why buy American? Keep reading to find out.

American Ingenuity

In our BAA Compliant line, we currently have 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft LED strips as well as medium, high, and very-high-output LED Retrofits for Fluorescent High Bay Fixtures. The design of each of these products shows a high level of thought and problem-solving, demonstrated in unique patented* features. Plus, if you need to retrofit a non-standard fixture size, we can get that built for you. You will be able to outfit your fixtures with all the same brand and quality of LED lights, placing a single order with a single supplier.

The BAA LED Strips

All our Buy American LED strips are highly efficient and are made with long-lasting, round, inset magnets, making the install super easy and allowing the strip to sit flush in your fixture.

Our newest additions to the BAA Compliant line are the 185 lumens/Watt 4ft LED Retrofit Kit for 2x4 fixtures and 8ft LED Retrofit Kit for 2x8 warehouse fixtures. As the names suggest, these LED strips boast an astounding luminous efficacy of 185 lm/W. They also have a unique internal layer of copper which greatly improves the product’s level of heat diffusion into the fixture, making it last a long time. Because of the long lifespan, we feel confident offering a special 7-year warranty.

As a more economical solution that still meets BAA compliance standards, we also currently offer a 2x4 LED Retrofit Kit that comes with four 2ft LED strips. The kit features ThermaFuse tape backing, which works as a cost-effective method of promoting heat diffusion.

The BAA LED Retrofit

Thanks to the patented, lightweight "swing up" design, the install process of this Buy American Retrofit for Fluorescent High Bays couldn’t be quicker or easier. We call it the world's easiest-to-install LED retrofit for fluorescent high bays. It also cleverly uses your fixture’s metal troffer as a heatsink to draw heat away from the circuitry. Convert your T5, T5HO, T8, T12, and other 4-foot linear fluorescent high bay fixtures to LED and you could have:

  • 250% increase in operating life over fluorescent tubes
  • 50% decrease in operating cost
  • Significant savings on lighting maintenance
  • Eligibility for utility rebates
  • Eco-friendly waste reduction by re-using your existing fixture housing

Quality Assurance

Regardless of product line, our engineering team quality-checks each light we offer to ensure customers are receiving safe, reliable, long-lasting products that meet or exceed our performance criteria. With the Buy American Compliant lights, we have even more control over quality. In our facility, we visit the production line and pass on customer feedback directly to the development team.

Easy Procurement

Choosing our BAA compliant lights is the simplest way to be sure to get your lights quickly and exactly how you need them. They are manufactured in our USA factory, right here in Hatboro, PA, in compliance with Buy American Act requirements. If you are working on a government, ARRA, ePACT, or LEED project, this compliance and ease-of-access makes it easy to spec these lights for your application.

If you need reliable, easy-install kits to convert fluorescent fixtures, you’ll be glad you chose our Buy American line: For all light buyers who want Dependability, Convenience, and Performance. To learn more, or get started with your Buy American Act Compliant lighting project, reach out to our team today. Call 215.355.7200, text 267.266.8330, or email

Manufactured under USA Patents