Meet Our New Line of Affordable 4ft and 8ft LED Tubes

We recently expanded our ECO Series with a whole range of low-cost 4ft LED tubes and 8ft LED tubes. With options for high output or single pin ends in the 8ft tube category, and Type A, Type B, and Dimmable options for 4ft tubes, there is a little something for everyone.

ECO Series 8ft LED Tubes

FA8 and R17D Options Available

Our Most Versatile 8ft Tube

To help ensure safe transit and allow for easy storing, each ECO Series 8ft tube is packaged in two 4ft parts. The two sections fit together securely to create one 8ft tube. This tube style reduces the risk of shatter by not being a single long piece and makes storage easier by being in two smaller pieces that can be put in a compact box.

The (2) 4ft sections connect to form an 8ft tube

You can also choose between 8ft tubes for FA8 or R17D sockets, ensuring that the end caps are compatible with your existing fixtures. Not sure which endings you need? The ends can easily be interchanged, so you can swap the end caps rather than reordering entire lamps.

ECO Series 4ft LED Tubes

Type A, Type B, and Dimmable Options Available

Type A Tube – Plug & Play

By utilizing the ballasts in your existing lighting fixture, as long as it’s one of the listed compatible fixtures, this 15W 4ft LED tube functions as a traditional lamp. Wattage and lumen output is controlled by the ballast. And to install this Type-A tube, you simply replace the old, linear fluorescent lamp with the new LED one, allowing for a very safe install process.

Benefits: Control of Output and an Easy Installation

Wiring for a Type A LED Tube

Type B Tubes – Ballasts-Bypass

The Super-Affordable 17W and the Super-Efficient 10W LED tubes are both Type B; they both have a built-in driver and bypass the ballast in your lighting fixtures to be directly wired into a power source. The tubes no longer being dependent on the ballast means you don’t need to be concerned about whether they’ll be compatible, simplifying the upgrade process and eliminating the risk of ballast failure.

Benefits: System Simplicity and Elimination of the Ballasts

Wiring for a Type B LED Tube

Dimmable Tubes – Type B and 0-10V

The 4ft smart tube option comes in a neutral (4000K) white light, is single-end powered, and is capable of being dimmed when wired to a 0-10V compatible switch.

Benefits: Smart Control Capable and Lower Energy Usage.

Wiring for a Dimming-Capable Tube

Key ECO Series Tube Highlights

The whole line of affordable, high-quality 4ft and 8ft LED tubes in the ECO series offers the following features:

Frosted Lenses - The frosted lenses will diffuse light output and eliminate glare.

PET-Coated Glass – These tubes have been designed with PET-coated glass to reduce the chance of shatter and improve safety.

Energy Savings – By converting your old fluorescent troffers to LED lighting with these tubes, you can easily cut overhead costs in half – you could even save more than 60%!

Savings Example

Switch from existing 32W tubes in your T8 fluorescent troffer to our 10W 4ft LED tubes and you will see 68% lower energy usage annually. This will amount to $7.56 saved per tube each year.

A Quick Payback Period – Through energy savings alone, it will take just 13 months to pay off your initial investment after switching to that same 10W LED tube mentioned above. At that point, you’ll still have nearly 4 years left on your warranty. By the end of the 5-year warranty, you will have saved $37.80 per tube in reduced energy costs alone.

Rebate Eligibility - Since all these tubes are eligible for rebates, they can lower costs for customers across the US. For example, PA customers can get an estimated $7 rebate per 4ft tube through PECO Energy Co. Taking advantage of this rebate would reduce the payback period shown above to just 2 months! Interested? Find out about available rebates in your area or call for more info.

Get in Touch with the Experts

Our on-staff team of lighting professionals can help you get started with your energy-efficiency upgrade to LED tubes. We will work closely with you and your entire team to deliver not only the best solution, but also the best value. Call 215.355.7200, text 267.266.8330, or email us at for more info.