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Elegant, Energy-Independent Lighting for Your Property at Night

Solar LED Bollard Lights

Our new solar bollard lights make safety both stylish and extremely cost effective—and we’re super excited to introduce them to you!

These slim lights stand just under 3 feet tall, and feature a sleek and unobtrusive design suited to a wide range of property styles.

At night, your property’s pathways and landscaping will benefit from the lights’ soft, natural white glow, while your customers and employees are assured of safe passage across your property.

But these lights don’t just look good: they save you money. Relying on highly energy-efficient LED technology for light output and the sun for power, the bollards have zero impact on your light bill, while the LED lighting module is rated to last an average of 50,000 hours—or nearly two decades of nightly use.

Where Are Bollard Lights Used?

Along sidewalks and walkways at campuses, plazas, and industrial parks, in parking lot medians, around ponds and other water features, around patios, alongside driveways, in playgrounds, at bus stops, around landscape features and in gardens, and along outdoor steps and staircases—just to name a few.

How Do They Function?

As it grows dark outside, all of your solar LED bollard lights come on automatically at 30% power. At this point, you have cozy, low lighting wherever you’ve installed a bollard. That’s not quite enough to light a pedestrian’s way, though, so the bollard light’s motion sensor brings the light to 100% power when motion is detected nearby. After 30 seconds of no motion, the light fades back to 30%. In the morning (or when the sky-darkening storm has passed), the light goes into sleep mode, ready to wake back up when the sky darkens again.

Do the Solar Bollard Lights Work in Rainy Weather?

Yes! Rain, snow, and overcast skies reduce the amount of sunlight available to the bollards but don’t eliminate it completely. Your solar bollards will continue storing energy to their battery even in inclement daytime weather.

How Easy Is it to Install a Solar Bollard Light?

Since these lights require no connection to an external power source, setting one up is extremely easy and requires no electrical skills. Our solar bollard lights can be installed on either grass or concrete, making them adaptable to many different applications.

Where Can I Buy Solar Bollard Lights?

We’re glad you asked that question! offers two styles of solar LED bollard light, a Flat Solar LED Bollard Light that emits light at a 360˚ angle from a section of the pole itself, and a brighter Slanted Solar LED Bollard Light that casts its illumination outward at an angle. Both feature high-quality aluminum construction with a durable black finish, and they come complete with solar panel, battery, LED light, pole, housing, and sensors.