Lighting for Safety: The Right Fixtures for Your Workshop

Lighting for Safety: The Right Fixtures for Your Workshop

If you’re responsible for a work area that utilizes heavy machinery, it’s important that the operators of that machinery have a safe environment to do their jobs. One of the key factors of ensuring a safe, secure work environment is proper lighting. With the help of bright, efficient LED shop lights from ELEDLIGHTS, everyone in your workshop will have the optimal lighting they need to stay safe and get the job done right. Whether you’re looking at beginning construction on a machine shop, replacing the lights in your mechanic’s shop, or remodeling an existing area to take on some carpentry work, our shop lights are the ideal solution to your lighting concerns.

How to Choose the Shop Lights That Fit Your Needs?

Per NOAO guidelines, the recommended level of illumination for mechanical workshops is 750 lux, or lumens per square meter. This recommended level increases to 1,000 lux for workshops were intricate or detailed work is being done, to improve safety standards and reduce eye strain. The following shop lights we have available right now can help you keep your workshops safe and well lit while saving you money on your monthly electric bills through unmatched LED efficiency.

8-Foot Integrated Shop Light

This select integrated light has an ultra-slim profile allowing it to fit easily in most applications. It also features built-in plugs at the end of the light so that it can be placed in tandem with other fixtures of its type, allowing you to create long, uninterrupted lines of light. The Select Integrated LED Tubes we offer provide 7,200 lumens of cool white light at an efficiency of 120 lumens per watt, keeping your work areas lit safely for minimal energy cost. Check out our integrated shop lights now.

200W LED Linear High Bay Shop Light

Perfect for truss suspension from high ceilings, but available with bracket mounting for installation in areas with low clearance, this high bay provides an ultra-bright 30,000 lumens of illumination at an efficient 150 lumens per watt. It easily replaces 800W metal halide lights of the same type, meaning that it can easily cut your lighting’s energy expenditures down to a third of your previous cost. Shop our linear high bay lights.

60W Vapor Tight LED Fixture

Worried how a new light will function in your work environment? It might be the right time to convert to Vapor Tight LED fixtures. Our 4ft Vapor Tight LED provides 8,100 lumens at a 130 lm/w efficiency while encased within an IP65 rated fixture. This heavy-duty weather rating allows it to survive a multitude of hazardous conditions, including water jets, dust, and corrosion. You can be certain that you’ll get years of reliable functionality out of these lights, especially when they’re backed by our standard 5-year warranty. Learn more about our vapor-tight lights.